Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Looking back on Bristol


  • Flying KLM instead of some DTA (Duck Tape Airlines)

  • Our apartment in Marsh St. from Alderman Apartments

  • Pub lunches and beer

  • Many many many interesting Plone talks

  • Richard Noble's guest keynote

  • Dinner with the guys from 4D

  • Many many many more interesting Plone talks

  • A run along the river with my colleague Peter

  • Pies, beer, cider and the music from Fellow Stranger

  • The Irish pub and the band

  • Many interesting Open Spaces

  • Sprinting on xdv, excuse me, Diazo documentation

  • The spin-off: putting all these great ideas to work!


Duikboot said...

Hi Kees,

The Irish band was:
The Ceili

the said...

Glad I stumbled upon this! The Ceili will be performing at Mulligans in Amsterdam, August 18th, 19th and 20th. It's only a 4 hour round trip! Nick (the fat mandolin player)

Duikboot said...

Kees, we'll have to go ;-)

theceili said...

Afternoon, when I drunkenly spoke to you guys last year you told me that Gronigen is a much more rock'n'roll city than Amsterdam, so recommend a venue or two.

Cheers, Nick

Kees Hink said...

For the record:

VERA - highly recommended! club for the rock and punk underground
Het Viadukt - rehearsal rooms and gigs
De Silo
De Spieghel (jazz)
Cafe Marleen (singer-songwriter)
De Ster
De Benzinebar

If you're organising gigs for yourself, you might also want to try
O'Ceallaigh, it's _the_ Irish/Scottish folk music pub, and cafe Marleen.