Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to replace colours with transparency with the Gimp

It sometimes happens you have an image which has been made partially transparent to be shown on a red background. You'd like to use this image on a blue background, but that looks very bad. What to do?

Here's how to change all occurences of red, including semi-transparents, half-tones and shades, to blue. You'll keep your bright/dark nuances.

  • Open the image with the Gimp.

  • Set mode to RGB: Image > Mode > RGB

  • Select the part where you want to change the color. Normally, you'd use the select-similar-colors tool. Point it to the offending (red) color.

  • Desaturate the selection: Colors > Desaturate > Luminosity. Your selection will turn grey, all shades of it (assuming your images had shades of the sames color, why else would you be doing this?).

  • Change the grey to alpha: Colors > Color to alpha. At the prompt box, use the color picker and point it to the same place you pointed to when creating the selection.

  • Add a new layer (Windows > Dockable dialogs > layers). Make its background color the target color (blue).

  • Invert the selection (Ctrl-i) and delete it (Del), so the new layer is transparent except on the places where you wanted to change the color.

  • Move this layer below the rest.

  • Save it, you're done.

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