Saturday, March 27, 2010


Some notes from the "WFNN" (Whisky Festival Noord Nederland, der Aa-Kerk, Groningen):

  • Have coffee. Note that other visitors appear to be generally over 40 and male. Make note to skip WFNN in favour of beach volleyball tournament next year.

  • First taste: a Linkwood 12 yrs. (Douglas Laing).

  • Compared a standard Glenlivet (12 years) with an 18 years old one. The 18 years old is fuller.

  • A Clynelish: fresh, salty. Worthy of a recommendation.

  • Had a taste of Ben Riachs: Rum cask vs. Madeira cask.

  • Compared a Highland Park with a MacAllen. Highland Park won, probably because the MacAllen's more subtle tones were lost on my diminishing senses.

  • Compared Dalmore 12 yr. with 15 yr. Both a bit too sweet for me at that time.

  • Finally, a Lagavulin. Superb, as always. (Barman made us eat a mint first?!)

  • Resisted urge to pay 15 euros for a glass of *extremely* rare Lagavulin.

  • Laphroiag tastes a bit thin after that, but still a great taste.

  • Failed to act upon recommendation of rare Aberlour by ex-colleague. ("You want the bottle that's almost empty.")

  • Compared Ardbeg 10 years old with an Ardbeg Corryvreckan. (Corryvreckan won.)

  • 23:00: Closing time. Down to the pub for a two shilling ale evaluation and a final round of beers.

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