Monday, February 15, 2010

Copying input from one terminal another

There's a couple of solutions for copying input from one terminal to several others. I used to use Konsole, which has two drawbacks:
* You have to setup which terminal you copy to every time you start it;
* It pulls in all kinds of KDE dependencies, which bothers me because i have Gnome.

I now use ClusterSSH as an alternative to Konsole. Its advantages are:
* Being able to define a setup, so all you have to type is cssh {setup}
* Having a separate window for the stuff that gets put in all terminals, so it's clear immediately what goes where, immensely reducing the amount of confusion and errorst
* It's lightweight

Its main disadvantage is that it always starts an ssh session, so now i'm ssh-ing to my localhost sometimes. Another thing is that the setup file is in /etc/ by default, requiring root permissions to modify it. But it's still my tool of choice.

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