Friday, January 15, 2010

Eurosonic 2010 day 1

I don't personal-blog much anymore, but i want to remember that last night, i saw:

  • Wadruna (Norwegian Role Playing Gamers with deep voices and sound effects)

  • Leisure Society (Too soft, people complained we talked too loud. In the Spieghel!)

  • Pony the Pirate (Energetic folk rock circus, evening's winner)

  • Cosmic Carnival (70's rock/bluesrock and reggae)

  • Dret & Krulle (hiphop, what were they doing?)

  • Le Roi mort et les Lentilles Rouges (Gogol Bordello goes Aznavour)

  • Heike has the giggles (Trio with girl on vocals+guitar)

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