Thursday, September 24, 2009

AttributeError: validateSingleEmailAddress with MailDropHost

I use MailDropHost in a Plone 2.5 buildout for development. The nice thing for development is, you send emails to all users from Plone, and they will not be sent, just kept in MailDrop's spool folder, until you start maildrophost.

However, it gave an error when sending mail:
  Module Products.CMFPlone.PloneTool, line 190, in validateSingleEmailAddress
AttributeError: validateSingleEmailAddress

It seems PloneTool calls this method, which is present in Plone2.5's SecureMailHost, but not in the MailDropHost. It was solved using Jarn's SecureMaildropHost. Here is my dvl.cfg:

extends = base.cfg
parts +=
eggs +=

recipe = infrae.maildrophost
smtp_host = mysmtphost
smtp_port = 25
version = 1.22

urls +=

products +=

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