Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where does cups-pdf put my pdf file?

Cups-pdf is a great tool if you want to print files to pdf format. It installs very easily in Ubuntu (Intrepid): just do sudo apt-get install cups-pdf, and you will see a 'PDF' printer in your printers overview. It works like a charm, but where do the PDF files go?

You'll have to create a directory called 'PDF' in your home folder. It's strange that cups-pdf exits without error for cases where there's no PDF folder yet, but there you go. This bug is already known.


Anonymous said...

hi, i had to take a look at /etc/cups/cups-pdf.conf where i could change the default output dir and learn that for months, stuff has been going to /var/spool/cups-pdf/my_user_name -> what a messup :) so, where was the donkey picture taken?

rbaleksandar said...

The editing of the configuration file worked out for me. Just put ${HOME}/Desktop or any other path you want (and have access to). However it would have been much better if it worked the same as printing pages to file (in postscript format). The "Print to file" printer offers the option to choose a different path from inside its menu.

Jonathon Nazaroff said...

I just installed sups-pdf, and it created the Home/PDF directory folder for me. Just wanted you to know. Did they recently fix the bug?

Steven Leiva said...

Thanks for letting me know about the configuration file:


I was able to figure out where CUPS was putting PDF files, and I was able to change that directory so something I wanted (namely - ${HOME}).