Friday, August 29, 2008

Plone won't start after installing i18ndude

To generate a generated.pot file from your uml diagram, ArchGenXML can use i18ndude if that module is installed in python.
When i installed i18ndude in my system-wide python2.4 (the same one used by Zope) using easy_install, at least one of my Zope/Plone instances wouldn't start afterwards. This is because i18ndude installs all kinds of dependency eggs. One solution is to just remove all these extra eggs after you install i18ndude: Go to site-packages and remove the eggs that were installed at the same time as i18ndude.
Another, i think better, way is to use virtualenv. in my ~/bin directory, i created a directory for AGX called archgenxml-virtualenv. I virtualenv'ed this directory and installed archgenxml and i18ndude in it. Last, i made a symlink from my ~/bin directory to the AGX executable and the i18ndude executable.
To sum it up:

sudo apt-get install virtualenv
mkdir ~/bin
cd ~/bin
mkdir archgenxml-virtualenv
virtualenv archgenxml-virtualenv
. archgenxml-virtualenv/bin/activate
easy_install archgenxml
easy_install i18ndude
ln -s archgenxml-virtualenv/bin/archgenxml .
ln -s archgenxml-virtualenv/bin/i18ndude .

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