Friday, August 15, 2008

How to install on Plone 2.5

This is probably not good enough for a how-to on, but worthwile recording anyway. I had a bit of a hard time installing on Plone 2.5. It's required by slideshowfolder 4.0, which has some nice extra features compared to 1.2.2.

Like the instructions in slideshowfolder 4.0 told me, i got for Plone 2.5 from The instructions don't tell you to build an egg from this, like so: python2.4 bdist_egg The egg will go in the dist/ directory.

The best way to install this in your Zope instance (not in your system-wide python2.4) is to create a workingenv for your instance, as indicated in Then you can activate your workingenv, and use easy_install, except you don't easy_install, but you point easy_install to your created egg: easy_install-2.4 /path/to/dist/*.egg. It'll probably complain about a already being there, just remove it and run easy_install again.

Finally, do modifications to $INSTANCE_HOME/etc/site.zcml, $INSTANCE_HOME/etc/site-packages/configure.zcml and $INSTANCE_HOME/etc/site-packages/overrides.zcml as indicated in the checkout's docs/INSTALL.txt.

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